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Cartridge Filter, Filter cartridge

Cartridge Filter, Filter cartridge

Update Terakhir 07 / 09 / 2022
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Detail Cartridge Filter, Filter Cartridge

Filter Air.
Sizes : 10” inch , 20” inch , 30” inch , 40” inch , 50” inch long
Inner Diameter : 28 mm, Outer Diameter : 60 mm
1 Micron, 3 Micron, 5 Micron, 10 Micron, 20 Micron up to 100 Micron
Double Open Type ( DOE Type)
SOE -222 Oring Fin End, SOE -226 Oring Fin End, SOE- 222 Flat End

Spun Bonded Filter Cartridges are available with core and without core version. The superior structure remains integral even under severe operating conditions and is no media migration. Fluid flows from outside to inside through filter media.

100 % Polypropylene for wide chemical compatibility
Excellent flow with low pressure drop
Excellent flow with low pressure drop
High strength & pressure resistance
Nominal & absolute filtration rating
Free of surfactants, Binders and Adhesives
High dirt holding capacity
One piece construction 254 mm, 508 mm, 762 mm, 1016 mm, 1270 mm

Pharmaceuticals: base product clarifications, membrane pre filter
Fine chemicals: solvents, process streams, water purification
Food & beverages: bottled water, flavors, polishing lines
Petrochemicals: water flood, completion fluids, amines
Water treatment: membrane protection, resin trap
Cosmetics: alcohols, essential oils , water lines
Electronics: electroplating, etching, image development
Metal finishing: plating solution, paint and resin products, wash
Magnetic coating: dispersions, coating lines, solvents

Cartridge Filter
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