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Cartridge Filter Absolute 0.2 Micron

Cartridge Filter Absolute 0.2 Micron

Update Terakhir 23 / 09 / 2022
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Detail Cartridge Filter Absolute 0.2 Micron

Filter Air.
Cartridge Filter Absolute 0.2 Micron

Polypropylene Pleated, Absolute Rating 99.99% efficiency

Ukuran Micron : 0.2 micron

Panjang : 10 – 40 inch

End Style : Double Open End DOE, SOE 226 FIn, SOE 222 Flat, SOE 222 Fin, Silicon Seal

FDA compliant fiber matrix. Silicon contamination free

No surface treatment used, chemically inert and neutral

Effective filter area 0.7 m² per 10” length

Broad chemical compatibilities

Extractable & fiber migration free

Back washable by steam sterilization

One piece fusion sealed construction for bypass free performance. No binder polymer applied

Large contaminant retention capacities, extended service lives

Can be autoclaved or Steam sterilized , Hot water sanitization 82°C (180°F)

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